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"Love matters more than money."

I'm Not sure if that's true anymore. You never hear of Elon Musk talking about missing out on love."

~Charlie after 6 months of middle school 2024

~Charlie 2019

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A Little About Me:


I Love fish

and fishing

A Total Foodie

I know what's good


I'm A Helper

It's just in my nature

More About Me

Hard work and love got me this far, and I am here for it. I like traveling and learning new things. I was home schooled for most of elementary school and I liked it. This year, I'm in a regular school and I like that just fine, too. It seems like a bit of a time waster, but I enjoy my friends and hanging out with different kinds of people. I have two awesome dogs, Tim and Daisy. I like camping and am working on building my own cabin in the woods.

Some Of My Adventures

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